If for some reason you have a strong need to get in contact with me then I’m far from against it. But I figure I can break it down to make it a little easier.

E-mail is about the easiest way to get a hold of me. If you have some sort of question or something concerning something on the blog or want me to look into something then I’d suggest you shoot an e-mail towards It’s a dedicated e-mail for the blog so I won’t overlook anything that shows up in that inbox. If you want to send a more informal e-mail for some chatty reason or another then try I can always reply with whatever e-mail I see fit to answer your question.

On the sidebar you might see a twitter feed there. That would be the blog’s official account @ore_to_kudo . Feel free to follow it if you want some random news that I want to translate, some mini anime critiques, or any small updates concerning the site. I used to keep my personal twitter there but I felt bad combining so much into one account. And with the high volume of Japanese tweets on my other account, I feel it’s about time to do some housekeeping.

Artistic Content
While I have strong feeling it won’t come up too often, I may occasionally post some original creations here. I’m all for publicity about things but if you’re going to use anything you find here then please be sure to contact me about it. At the least provide a link back so I can get my proper internet street cred.

Getting Published
For right now I’m still open to hiring other authors to post content. In case that interests you then be sure to read how to start the process.

I realize it’s a link and be linked world out there. I probably won’t jump into publicity anytime soon but I’m sure a time might come where I decide to do it. If that’s the case then feel free to link to here and contact me if you want me to link something of yours. I’m all for trading really, you just gotta tell me.