I do apologize for the delay again. I had a personal deadline this week setup to avoid making a job any harder than it needed to be. I safely met that deadline but I also burned out upon completion and spent the entire weekend resting back. The current week of LGAPR should follow immediately if not later today.

Well, someone is overcompensating.

Maybe someone should inform Noire that they’re firing spears from a bow.

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Even more LGAPR to cheer you up in this Summer heat.

Having a conscience is overrated.

Just trade out your shoulder angel for another devil like Aroma.

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I’ve finally stabilized after coming back home, so it’s time for a double header of LGAPR posts.

Talk about flying in comfort.

I’ve never had a good experience falling asleep while flying.

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I’ll be out of town for the first half of next week to attend a couple of events, so a warning in advance that next week’s edition of LGAPR will be rather delayed.

Leaving pets behind for a trip is always painful.

It’s hardly even a week Ako, calm down.

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We’re entering golf season, but hopefully it doesn’t rob too many weeks from Precure.

There’s a list of faces heroines should never make.

Ako made about five or six of them this week.

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We’re entering that final stretch of Season 3. But will there be a Season 4?

I’m not saying anything.

Just let your imagination decide exactly what that is.

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Sometimes patience is rewarded. Sometimes.

Let’s be honest here. This is unrealistic.

No idol is this nice.

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I promise there is a logical reason this got put off and not just a lack of motivation from mediocre episodes.

When pocket sand just doesn’t cut it.

I feel like that could do more than just blind someone temporarily.

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Just business as usual.

Pick your favorite facial expression.

Dante actually looks like he’s dying in the back.

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I apologize for the long delay, but a bit of computer troubles led to me having to put LGAPR on the back burner. The bright side is that no relevant data was lost in all the hubbub.

Hot guys grow on trees.

I can’t find any other logical explanation as to why they’re always found sitting on tree branches.

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