Leek, Leek Sensei, Likkun, Link (it all about blends nowadays)
Age: Somewhere in his twenties
Birthday: March
Hobbies: Music, Tokusatsu, Fighting Games, Nonsense

Time to be boring, you can probably skip this paragraph. Currently Leek is an unemployed jerk with a Bachelor’s in Anthropology. He was previously in Astrophysics but a strange turn in his life made him get tired of grinding equations from night until morning. Despite having graduated, Leek remains a terrible writer who never bothers to read things over twice. He has no real grip on the English language and a lot of what comes out of his mouth is mindless dribble.

I’m one of those people that can’t focus on one thing for too long. I’ve always liked a little of this and a little bit of that which is probably why I made this space so open for myself. You’ll find that I’m a remarkably unlikable person filled with tons of hate. That aside, I try to be as entertaining as I can with people.

If I’m not chilling listening to music somewhere you’ll either find me on Nico Nico Douga or using some other unconventional means to quell my boredom. I have strong ties in the Galaxy Angel community from the past and the VOCALOID community from when I used to roll there. Nowadays I’ve stopped getting myself in trouble and spend time chatting and hanging out with the people I’ve met along the journey.

In all, take what I say with a grain of salt. There’s no escaping the fact that I’m an ass who will say he hates about anything. It’s your job to learn when I’m lying or not. Just think about it like a game.

Oh, on the side is my twitter. I’ve recently made a dedicated Ore to Kudo twitter where I provide updates and news. Feel free to follow if you wish and I’ll do random things with it concerning this blog.