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Status and Background
Welcome to the second edition of this Radio page. Currently, I’ve moved past a pilot and have more than a few people and episodes planned out. I’m not sure how often I’ll be getting out episodes but if I can turn one out once a month I’ll be more than pleased! Please stay tuned and keep sharing it with friends so I can collect more ideas, opinions, and guests! Advice on how I can step my shit up is also more than welcome.

How the show has developed thus far…
After a long time mulling the various walls I kept hitting with my previous radio ideas, I finally tried to iron out what I could to make it work. What were those mistakes and solutions?

  • Just what the heck was this show supposed to be about?
  • The very obvious problem I had before. Somehow in all my scheming I never put a real focus on what I wanted the show to be about. So I looked to the simple but effective Mr. Rogers approach. Each episode I plan to look to you guys for topics you want to hear discussed or I’ll look to various current events and spin a topic that I believe will prove useful for members of the anime community to hear some words on. Of course, the show will vary between goofier to more in-depth discussions depending on the topic but I’ll do my best to keep it interesting for the listener regardless.

  • “Your Hosts”
  • Leek aka “The Guy Who’s Writing This” – You know me by now.

    Uki aka “Nanoha and Mizuki Nana Guy” – Uki’s probably been a regular for most episodes and is generally there to be a good guy. That’s about it. You’ll know when he really likes something because he’ll go on some long spiel about it. And that thing will usually be tied to Nanoha or Mizuki Nana. Be sure to follow him on twitter @uragayduck.

    Agumike aka “New Guy” – Mike is the newest of everyone to everything. He’s around to be the new guy and because making fun of Uki all the time wouldn’t be rewarding. But he’s also the most well behaved as a human beging. Be sure to follow him on twitter @gabumike.

  • So is there room for guests?
  • Of course! I originally didn’t plan to have regular co-hosts but it somehow ended up that way. But I still plan to go full Mr. Rogers and give my lovely internet neighbors a call if they’re willing. With each topic I might have a friend in mind I want to call up but otherwise I want to leave the door unlocked for anyone. By doing this I hope to tap into a variety of opinions and let a variety of people get their voices out to the people. Plus it means you don’t have to deal with constant scheduling (unless you want to make a return appearance, of course).

    The show’s current format

  • Intro
  • The place at the beginning of the episode where I either do a personal lead in or just playback some of the random conversation that happened when we weren’t directly recording the episode. And it’ll probably be us talking anime or goofing off in some other way. Other than that it feels like each episode starts with some opening question that gets you familiar with how everyone stands on the topic of discussion.

  • The Good Stuff
  • Here’s the bulk of the show where I talk with my internet neighbors of the day on the main topic. The segment will include most of what was planned to be talked about and will just involve a back and forth between the hosts or guests.

  • Fun with my Neighbors
  • The small segment at the end where we all unwind by calling out someone (or a group) that pissed us off in particular. As I mentioned the first episode where I used it, this segment idea was completely lifted from Avoiding The Puddle’s podcast. There’s also always some post banter where we talk anime or some other goofy things to unwind before we close the show out.

    The music I use to open the show is a free to use radio BGM under CC. This is courtesy of one of my favorite musicians toughing it out in Tokyo: Knots. Be sure to check out his homepage and show him some love.

    As for the ending, the music I use comes a multipurpose BGM collection composed by Shade and released under the Maguro no Osashimi doujin circle. If you would like to purchase the collection to use for your own purposes, then you can find it on either DLSite or their BOOTH page.

    This makes up the main details of the show in it’s current stage. So are you ready to help out, neighbor? Check out the following links if you want to lend a hand or go straight to our current topics to look at what might be in store in the future.

    This sounds fun. How can I apply to be a guest?

    I’m not much of a talker. What else can I do for the show as a listener?