Paying a visit to the neighborhood

So, if you clicked here then you have some interest on helping me with my radio project. Obviously I’m cool with that but there are some guidelines on what to do before applying to guest host or show up on the show. Just read the easy list below to get an idea of what’s in it for you.

1) Plain and simple, you need a mic setup and the Skype program. It’s simply what I plan to work with so if you have neither then you might want to get on it. Obviously I’d expect you to have any kinks worked out before hand since when the time is scheduled, I don’t plan to take any huge breaks.

2) If you still feel comfortable after that. Send an e-mail to titled with the word “Radio Guest Request” somewhere in the title. Inside include your timezone, what days and times you’d be available for the show, and what topic you’re interested in talking about from our list (or request your own). You should have at the maximum two to four hours of free time to do the show where you won’t suffer any interruption.

3) Be flexible. If you’re on a very tight and busy schedule, then you might think about tearing up your application. Since multiple people might get working on a single show than you’ll have to learn to accommodate for everybody. I’ll do my best to work out a schedule so that everyone who wants to participate can.

4) Be civilized. Like I said, there’s a high chance you will be around other people other then me. While I can handle the asshole tricks of one person, it won’t be good if a fight starts breaking out randomly during recording. Of course, that could be entertaining in it’s own right, but it shouldn’t be habit or too aggressive either.

5) Don’t be nervous. While I am recording the entire conversation don’t bind yourself into not making jokes or feel you need to attack a topic so aggressively. Approach it like you’re sitting in my living room and we’re having an everyday chat with one another. Have some water or drink nearby so you can keep yourself refreshed and relaxed.

6) (Optional) If you are familiar with Skype and have done recording with it before then there’s a high chance you’ll be allowed in. Just as in real life, experience is everything and having several people to record the show is to everyone’s benefit. So if you have a high knack for recording then make sure to mention it in your application. I’d love if I didn’t have to worry too much about recording and could instead focus my efforts on other things.

Think you’re up to the job? Check and see what topics are on the board so you can apply or request your own field.

If you changed your mind then you can read about other forms of support for the project here.