Other neighborly contributions

What else can I do for the show?
Listeners have just as much influence as those internet neighbors that choose to jump on the show. And even by not speaking on it, you’ll have a large influence on what you’re going to hear. For the following contributions, feel free to either send a e-mail to me at oretokudo@gmail.com or even throw a tweet @ore_to_kudo if it’s short enough.

1) The first is simple. Spread the word. A radio/podcast can’t stay alive without a steady amount of listeners willing to support it. The more word that gets out, the more people that will hear about it and more likely someone will be willing to jump on the show. You may not be willing to speak but you may know a friend who always wanted to share some bit of advice. Be sure to tell them so they can get in contact with me. If enough people keep telling their circle of friends then the show will stay true to it’s anime community internet neighborhood concept and continue to grow. This means interesting opinions from all over.

2) What do you want to hear about? Each show will have a main topic and I am constantly working on coming up with new topics. But there may be some topic you have some great interest in even if you have no opinion on it that I didn’t think of. If I think it’s sufficient to fuel a discussion then I’ll add it to my topics page and try to see if there are people interested in speaking about it!

3) Submit minor questions to me about what you hear or read! I’m sure there’s plenty of things you can ask me that are too small time for a topic. Did I write something in a blog post that you had a minor question about? Read some news that you want me to respond too? Have some other smart ass anime related question that you think I can answer? Your questions will most likely make up the first segment of the show and will fuel my starting talk.

4) Respond to previous shows! Did we say something that you really disagree with? Have some interesting minor fact that you feel we didn’t know about? We’re all neighbors but none of us are truly experts in what we’ll be talking about (as far as I know). If responses and arguments are abundant then there’s a large chance I’ll revisit topics. This may include inviting previous neighbors or even a chance for you to get to talk on the same topic!

5) Have a funny anime story (convention, among friends, clubs) you’d like to share with the neighborhood? Send it in and I’ll either throw it at the end of the show to read to my guests or simply read it aloud at the beginning of the show. In other words, it’s minor but you can use your own experiences to entertain your fellow listeners!

Want to check out the current topics? Click here and you can read up on what we have so far.

If you’re feeling confident then you can read about paying a visit to my neighborhood by clicking here.